First steps into the waters..

So I’ve been given the opportunity to work with an amazing team of guys – Aravindh, Salman and Varun – on a pretty interesting project.

The task – Develop an Optical Character Recognition engine and make a useful application with it.

The tools givenTesseract, an open-sourced OCR engine invented by HP and developed by Google.

Our aim – A mobile app that incorporates this engine to read contact cards and save the information on the device, and in the cloud.

A tough task, a high target, an incredible team – all the right ingredients are in place.

Time to make the magic happen.



We’ve decided to break down our tasks and achievements for every week into Sprints. Each Sprint covers a the coming week’s objectives  to be covered.

Sprint O

In this Sprint, I was tasked with learning the C# and ASP.NET programming languages from scratch. Although I have prior experience working with C and C++, C# and ASP.NET are whole new languages with different type of functionality and I had to conquer this in order to be able to work towards tinkering with the Tesseract engine and designing the Cloud web interface. We had decided to work towards developing an app for the Windows Phone OS and my job as desginer of the app required that I brush up on using Expression Blend too. Also, I was tasked with composing and compiling the Literature Review about existing OCR technologies and Tesseract in itself.

In short, the first week was mainly a week of research and learning. Looking forwarrd to the next Sprint.


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