Thank God I’m Alive #1

Starting today, I’ve decided to maintain a periodic series of blog posts whose primary purpose is to identify and appreciate the many things in my life that I should not take for granted.
So here goes..



 I’m a fresh college graduate with a degree and a job. 

They say it’s hard to appreciate things that are too close to you to notice, and this may be one such thing for me. While I am inclined to feel bad about myself for not being to land other high-paying jobs that some friends have (you know, because at this age.. “Dem dolla$ = Da life! ” ), it’s an achievement in itself to HAVE a job right after college.

It is a sobering thought to think about the thousands of young bright minds around the world who have walked out of their universities with pieces of paper justifying their massive capabilities.. Yet not convince even one employer to give them the opportunity to prove it.

Henceforth, I will try even harder to appreciate and not envy the statuses and situations that my peers are in. We’re all fortunate in our own way and that’s it, really.


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