On time and how it changes us

I just read an article on the Millennial generation (of which I seem to be a part of) and their seemingly austere expectations from life.
We’ve been characterised as

..a generation filled with confident optimism.

They have big goals, a determination to balance their work and life, they are accepting of differences and promise to be superior stewards of the planet.

While the article started off on a praise, it went on to point out that this optimism may be shortlived.. That our views of the world may be too idealistic as of now. We’re still young and starting to get a footing in the real world, and that our views may just change drastically – our views have yet to be

.. road tested by time and life.

I don’t know why but I was affected by this conclusion. My first reaction was the feeling of a slight jab at my own integrity and thought process. Call it pride or over confidence in oneself but I felt rebellious about this view.

It’s almost as if the author was being cynical and sceptical of our capabilities of a generation as a whole.

A few moments of letting the pint sink in and I realised that the author may not be entirely in the wrong. The article has cited similar trends in the Baby Boomers generation too, along with relevant data to back them up.

While it is indeed easy to make big and loud claims about life as a whole while at the beginning of the journey, it’s a different story when you’re actually living it.

The bottom line

I’ll make a more conscious effort to achieve the ideals I’ve set for myself. That way, at least I know that I tried. Even if I do become jaded with age and experience and end up changing the ideals themselves.



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