Over Analyzing the Many Expectations of Indian Parents





It’s amazing how true some of these points are..


Over Analyzing Everything

As a middle class Indian child in the 80s and 90s in India without the economic boom and those days where people drank coffee only at home and not in some fancy cafe, your parents made you believe the world is a real tough place (which it is but why spoil it for a child). There is no Santa Claus, no unicorn vomiting rainbow but the final destination consisted of an mediocre engineering job and saving enough money to buy your own tiny apartment which would be so small that you will damage the walls just by stretching in the morning.   Strangely they also do have very high expectations of you due to some irrational sparks of genius they might have seen in you as an infant. Here are what they usually expect of you(this list is not complete…some of it may not have been even expected of me…

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