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7 seconds to Eclipse

Take a photographer.

A plane travelling at over 800 km/h near Bermuda.

And a camera.

All in the attempt to chase the sun.


The results are nothing short of amazing.


Total Solar Eclipse 2013

More on this over here


4 practical ways to test your Android app

Through the course of my college life, I’ve had the chance to (more like, requirement of) work towards developing a mobile app for the Android platform,  much to my chagrin at the time. 

I remember a specific part of the development process that took a lot of time and effort – Testing the app. From harassing friends to classmates to parents, my team and I left almost no stone unturned in trying to get people to try out the app in various user scenarios and, basically, try to break the app in any way possible. Just so we’d find out about the holes to plug in, before releasing a build version of the app. 

These memories were ruffled up as I chanced upon this ARTICLE on testing your Android app. Some good advice in here, which should become second nature once you’ve gotten down and dirty with developing apps.


I must admit, I came out all the wiser after my stint with app development. I’ve new-found  appreciation for developers and the hard work that they put in. And I do recommend making your own app on any platform, once at least. The experience is interesting.