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Korea has Psy.

USA has Jay-Z.

Singapore has PSI and Hay-Z

2013 is proving to be a year of firsts in many ways, on international and national levels.

The latest event to blow up smoke amongst people here (pun intended) is the haze overcast across the island. The smokey air is the result of massive slash-and-burn activities carried out on forests on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia that has been piggybacking on the wind currents headed towards China. Large scale burning of forests has caused the island to almost entirely engulfed in smog, reducing living conditions and visibility to its lowest yet. [From one source among many].

The PSI, or Pollution Standard Index, is the main indicator of how bad air quality is. It’s become a point of concern and humour across the island and its inhabitants, with online posts going from expressing caution and concern to witticism and humourous – the above quote belonging to the latter category. What’s happened for the first time is that this PSI index has risen above all records to a record 401 (the highest tier possible), thereby raising emotions of citizens to similar levels as well.

The situations has become a big deal enough for it to warrant its own Wiki page even! Talk about placing yourself in the limelight. Just goes to show how much this little red dot matters in worldly matters.