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How To Choose A Mate

How To Choose A Mate

‘The parameter to look out for in a mate is not who (and how) they are, but who they turn us into.’

Now there’s a change of perspective!



The Lost Art of Writing By Hand

Writing by hand indeed is becoming a lost art..

Thought Catalog

It seems so easy to compose a written work on the computer these days. It’s suggested that because the tools have become so simple to use (a neatly organized workspace called “Word”, a simple-to-access file cabinet, and the world at your finger tips) the method of producing a paper should be easy and efficient. But we all know it’s just not.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve written two or three sentences down and deleted them the next minute. This process repeating for hours and hours, with the aide of countless cups of coffee, too many minutes scouring the internet for inspiration, and inevitably finishing the night in the exact same place as when I sat down; nowhere.

The problem is that while my parents were busy working hard to create these new tools with which I use to write, they forgot to teach me the process of…

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