Monthly Archives: April 2015

To See The Light, Surround Yourself In Darkness

It’s amazing what all you will notice when the lights go out.

Some sources of illumination aren’t as bright as others but that doesn’t make them any less significant. Pull yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city, for instance, and insert yourself into the quiet deserted outskirts of civilisation. The sights and sounds may just amaze you.

Take a drive through the barely-touched landscape of the countryside in the evening and watch the sun set.

Ride along the coast and bask in the aural ambience of the waves crashing softly against the shore, with nary a distraction to pull your attention away. Feel your thoughts placate in your mind. Experience your breath lengthen to, almost, mimic the natural rhythm of the waves.

Take in the sea breeze and sense it purifying your body from within. Admire the beauty and harmony that has resulted from thousands of years of transformation that the coast has seen, as your eye muscles learn to relax and focus on the bigger picture.

Let the serenity percolate down from your mind to your heart and soul. Know that for every storm you have weathered so far in life, there is a moment like this waiting to relieve you of your worries.

Take a picture of this moment with your mind’s eye. You won’t regret it.

As darkness settles around you, get back on the road and ponder on about how ephemeral each moment of life is. Let your gaze wander till they look up above.

Stop yourself. Get off the car. And step out to absorb a view you find too good to be true.

Marvel at the expansive strip of stars draped over the sky. Stare up at the grandeur that is, the galaxy. Feel the exhilaration and yet the calming comfort at the same time, at the sight of something so limitless yet very much a constant. Feel rather insignificant as you observe a tiny portion of the entire cosmos stretching out for immeasurable distances.

Let the waves washing by in the distance, wind whistling past your ears, and the sky full of stars give you the ultimate experience of exhilaration, pride, wonder, humility, amazement, and awe as you realise that.. To see the light you must be surrounded by darkness.

And figuratively.